10 Types of Okada Riders

Motorcyclist popularly known as okada here in Nigeria is the most used, fastest and cheapest mode of transportation in Nigeria. If you have been using these medium as a means of transportation, you must have encounter these types of okada riders.

1. The Risk Takers

They form fast and furious on the road. They compete with moving cars, trailers, trucks. They overtake anything that stands in their way even if it’s an aeroplane. They do it so expertly that they throw their hand in their pocket. When you tell them “Oga small small abeg”, they will say “No be today i don dey ride okada”.

2. The Fugitive

This one i call criminal. He doesn’t have okada permit, won’t pay his daily over-dues. So he tries his possible best to outsmart the agbero’s and police.

3. The Dirty One’s

They look so unkempt that you will start wondering if they are making penny from the business. You just have to cover your nose and pray that you get to your destination on time.

4. The Transporter

They can move anything from ridiculous number of people to bag of rice, crate and so on.

5. The Perverts

He deliberately run into hazardous spot just to feel your bossom on his back. He matches break here and then.

6. The One Who Just Smoke We*d

They eyes are usually red. They mostly drive in a zigzag manner. They don’t see clearly, you find yourself telling them to watch out as if you are the one driving or else you find yourself in gutter.

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7. The Talker

You will never be bored to your destination. They can hold a convo with you on any topic even if you didn’t say anything, they will keep on talking.

8. The Gbedu Blaster

These one rig their ear with earpiece and shake their head like agama lizard. Some even have built-in speaker/mp3 on their bike.

9. The Clueless

They are first timers. he will tell you he knows the place but will take you somewhere else. They don’t want people to know that they are first timers.

10. The 419

When they see that you don’t know the place, they take a longer route and charge you higher.


Original Writer: Maje Furious(Bazestop)

Maje Furious(Bazestop) is a music producer, writer, blogger and founder of Bazestopstudio.com You can contact him via email: Bazestop@gmail.com


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