17 Types Of People You See At A Fight Scene

1. The Amebo: They are just there for the gist. They will process it all for the sake of amebo.

2. The Peacemaker: They try to form peacemaker until they get punch on the face.

3. The one that forms “i’m calling the police”

4. The ones that will tell the viewers the backstory of the fight

5. The free-for-all: This guy just lost his money to Bet9ja. He see’s a free fight, he just join the fight.

6. The thieves: Don’t worry about them, they are just there for business.

7. The Instigator: The ones that will add fuel to the fire.

8. The one that run away as soon as the fight starts

9. The backup: Just there to backup their guy.

10. The Symphatisers

11. The Selfie Addicts

12. The Spectator

13. The ones that form disguted but won’t leave

14. The perverts

15. The refree

16. The superhero

17. Feel free to add yours


Original Writer: Maje Furious(Bazestop)

Maje Furious(Bazestop) is a music producer, writer, blogger and founder of Bazestopstudio.com You can contact him via email: Bazestop@gmail.com


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