22 Categories Of People You Meet In A Barbing Saloon

1. The Tv watcher

2. The family man with kids

3. The “I dey look for Maje” crew

4. The gadget thieves

5. The phone charger

6. The first timers

7. The impatient customer

8. The one who keeps looking at the mirror

9. The instructors

10. The beggers

11. The show off guy

12. The selfie takers

13. The football freaks

14. The good customers

15. The history tellers

16. The credit and awoof crew

17. The complainers

18. The handsome dudes

19. The ones who will drag over their change

20. The english professors

21. The high self esteem customers

22. Comment Yours


Original Writer: Maje Furious(Bazestop)

Maje Furious(Bazestop) is a music producer, writer, blogger and founder of Bazestopstudio.com You can contact him via email: Bazestop@gmail.com


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